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The biggest anaconda snake found in Brazil

 The biggest anaconda snake found in Brazil | The anaconda is the largest snake the Brazilian Fauna. Most of this species reaches up to nine feet long, but reports describe measures up to 11.5 meters. Despite its size, its bite is not poisonous but can cause infections.

Originating in tropical South America, east of the Andes, and especially in the Amazon Basin and the Guianas. Likes semi-aquatic environments and can be found in large rivers. It is carnivorous and feeds on mammals as capybaras, deer, agoutis, and may even kill an alligator by asphyxiation. When you take the prey, tries to get her into the water and kill them by drowning. When you suffer an attack and can not escape by swimming, bites to defend itself. The anaconda has the same habits of other constrictors (snakes that shake their victims).

Great and night, the anaconda generally lives alone in the forests and tropical forests of South America's habitat are swamps or low branches of trees near the still water. Depending on where you live, feeds on fish, small mammals or birds.

She is stalking his victim, usually arrested and dragged into the water after being held in the mouth of the snake. In the water the victim is suffocated by a series of constrictions and drowned to death, but the victim is not reduced to a jelly before being eaten, as many believe. Many legends are told, including the Anaconda break bones. In fact it could even happen, but it does on purpose.

Do not rule out the possibility of Anaconda killing and eating a man, but so far all the stories involving the Anacondas are false. The anacondas are very primitive snakes still have vestiges of hind legs that their ancestors possessed lizard-like, which in most other snakes have disappeared. They look like two small spines near the cloaca, and are usually slightly larger in males. Inside, there are vestiges of the pelvic bones, with no function.

The animal is solitary, and therefore difficult to observe. A feature of the anaconda is to remain partially hidden in the water, which makes it hard to copy a document and larger than the current record.

Usually weighs 30 to 90kg, but can reach 250kg. The anacondas have a dark green body with black oval spots.
Post Title : The biggest anaconda snake found in Brazil

The biggest anaconda snake found in Brazil,

The biggest anaconda snake found in Brazil